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Major Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an internet based computing which provides services such as storage, applications and servers to different organizations’ computers all over the world. Presently, there are three models of cloud service named as, “Platform as a Service (PaaS)”, “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS) and “Software as a Service” (SaaS). This latest technology is not only adapted by large scale organization but small companies are also gaining benefits from it. Industry experts consider cloud computing as one of the best ways for improving and enhancing their IT infrastructure of organizations. Some of the key benefits of cloud computing are given below.

Scalable Online environment

This technology helps in handling increased volume of work by providing a scalable online atmosphere without affecting the system performance. It provides main computing capabilities and economies of scales without any investment on IT infrastructure that are usually very costly for small businesses.

Lowering expenditure on technology infrastructure

Cloud computing is certainly the most economical method for using, upgrading and maintaining organizational data. Traditional software is much expensive and costs an organization a lot in terms of investment. The company has to pay licensing fees for each user which proves to be very costly. Whereas, Cloud is easily available at much reasonable rates which results in lowering the company’s IT expenditure. Not only this, but it also provides many scalable options such as ‘one-time-payment’ and ‘pay-as-you-go’, making it very affordable for the organization.

Unlimited Storage Capacity

You never have to worry about storage space while using Cloud, as it provides unlimited storage space. It is much easier to back up, restore and recover data on Cloud than on other regular software because of its unlimited storage capacity.

Software integration is automatic

You do not have to make any extra effort for customizing and integrating your applications as Software integration occurs automatically in Cloud. Beside this, Cloud computing also provides customizing options; therefore, you can select software applications and services of your own choice.

Ease in information Access

After registering yourself in the Cloud, you can easily access information from all over the world where an internet connection is present. This feature helps you in moving beyond geographical boundaries and time zones.

Quick deployment

The most important advantage that cloud computing provides you is “quick deployment”. Your whole system becomes completely functional in few minutes once you choose this method.

Scalability and Speed:

Now you do not have to waste your time in setting up and buying hardware, software and other sources that are essential for new applications. You can easily and quickly scale up or down your usage of services as per the demands of market, while introducing sale campaigns during greater activity hours.

Helps in innovation:

Organization mainly focuses on innovation and Cloud computing helps in facilitating faster prototype developments, its testing and validation. Research and development projects are particularly benefited when users have to work together for a task.


• Cloud computing provides immediate accessibility of services and lower over head cost.

• No other special equipments or professionally trained manpower is required except for an internet connection.

• Due to its high bandwidth speed, real time responses are ensured from infrastructures which are located at different sites.

Freedom of Location:

Service providers easily set up infrastructures in different areas with low overheads. Not only this, but they also set up many redundant sites for facilitating continuity of businesses and disaster recoveries, helping the enterprise in cutting of costs.

Best Utilization of Resource:

Since cloud is shared by many users, therefore storage, servers and other network sources are utilized in a better and effective way, resulting in cutting down of waste at an international level.

These benefits were to name a few advantages cloud computing brings with it. It is predicted that it will continue to revolutionize the IT industry in the future as well.

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    Sadaf Ajmal