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Risk Associated with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the best choices for organizations who want to improve their IT infrastructures. Despite the fact that it revolutionizes the IT infrastructure; different issues are associated with this technology as well. The good news is that these can be dealt with too but need a little vigilance and agility that can prevent your data from any harm. Here are some of the top risks associated with this technology along with solutions for dealing with them.


One of the biggest problem in cloud computing is security. As cloud computing is completely based on internet, this makes it more vulnerable for hacking attacks. However, if you see logically, all latest IT systems cannot work today without the use of internet. Therefore, vulnerability level of cloud computing is quite as same as for other modern IT technologies. Organizations can easily recover from such attacks because of the distributed network of cloud computing and through installation of proper security set-ups.

Issues of Compatibility on Cloud

Another most important issue related with cloud computing is its compatibility with other IT system in an organization. Today the cloud computing is considered to be the most economical and cost efficient method for organizations, but the main issue arises with the fact that organization have to replace its existing and current IT infrastructures with the purpose of making the system compatible .

One of the best and simple solutions for this issue is the use of hybrid cloud, which helps in addressing many of these compatibility problems. A hybrid cloud uses both the combination of public and private clouds for performing distinct roles within the same company.

Standardizing the technology of Cloud

The lack of standardization is a key problem that is associated with cloud computing. Since there are no suitable standards set for cloud computing, therefore it is not possible for organizations to know in advance the quality of service delivered to them. To avoid this type of potential trap, the organization must find out whether the provider is using standardized technology or not, prior to the delivery of services. Suppose the quality of services delivered to the company do not satisfy; the provider can be changed without incurring extra costs for the same.

Monitoring on the Cloud

Once the responsibilities of cloud computing is handed over to a service provider, the complete data would be dealt by the latter. This can create a monitoring problem for the organization, particularly if the appropriate procedures are not set in place. You can resolve this problem by restoring and establishing end to end monitoring on the cloud.

Getting stuck with a single supplier

Not every cloud provider is the same. They may differ in their platforms having different software, settings, hardware and configurations. So changing abruptly from one supplier to another supplier is not easy, even if you are using same app.

Now this may result in getting stuck with a single supplier. A customize app might not work properly on other cloud. If you start having problems with your cloud provider, it will be a long procedure to start all over again with a new provider. Until there is standardization in cloud providing industries, switching providers can be a complex attempt.

Someone else is protecting your data

The biggest risk when you are using services of a cloud provider is that of the data as he is in charge of it. Though, the provider has latest software to protect your data but he definitely does not have the same motivation for taking care and protecting it as you have.

Dependency on Network

The most common drawback of Cloud computing is that it is entirely dependent on internet. You always need an internet connection for accessing the cloud; this means that the system is open to outages, resulting in interruption in services at any time. For instance if it occurred at the mid of a transaction, the actions can not only be delayed but also be lost entirely.

Despite of the risk associated with cloud computing, it continues to be the number one choice of leading businesses around the world. Like any other technology, it has its risks too, but they are outweighed by the benefits of efficiency in work that it brings along.

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    Sadaf Ajmal