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Objective C Programming

Googles Objective C Toolbox

Objective C Programming Rising in Popularity
Used for developing Apple iOS applications, the programming language of Objective C is climbing to the top of the Tiobe Programming Community index. There is a lot of buzz surrounding Objective C programming, and people are talking about the new and innovative features and upgrades that are being offered on the Apple platform.

Since it is basically the language of almost all video games, most often using Visual Studio, there is a lot of chatter about Objective C and its growing popularity. But there are a lot of other apps that are offered through Objective C programming tools that do not get as much publicity since they are done by privately be developers. With the large amount of embedded applications, and the use of Linux, it is no wonder that its ever increasing popularity grows more every day.

Equipping Yourself with Objective C

With a ranking already in the top 10 according to TIOBE, Objective C has clearly set themselves as a force to be reckoned with. As the only language for which applications can be written for the iPad or iPhone, the programming tools have an exclusive target area that no other platforms can tap.

It would be a good idea for anyone interested in programming to become familiar with Objective C at some point. For beginners, this will help to understand how a computer works and the many ins and outs of its mainframe. Having said that, Objective C programming can be overwhelming at first, mainly because the programmer is responsible for a lot of tasks and programming issues including:

  • Tracking all the variables
  • Allocating and managing memory
  • Defining functions int he right order
  • Acquiring differences between pointers and variables
  • The delegation of methods to other objects
  • Remote invocation that is easily implemented
  • Debugging
  • Swizzling that allows for the ISA pointer to change runtime of classes
  • Serialization that can be done by overwriting read and write methods 

For new programmers, it is important to dabble a little into Java before tackling Objective C. This will allow a chance to become familiarized with the environment without having to worry about managing memory right away. Once the basics are mastered, it will be easier to understand script and code building and how to successfully approach those tasks.
Objective C is one of the most reasonable tools to work with. With advantages like dynamic method dispatching and having features available without the need for creating new subclasses offers convenience in use.

It is easy to understand why Objective C is widely popular and why that popularity will continue to grow. What is not as easy to see is the future, but Objective C is continuing to secure its future by implementations made today.

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