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Objective C Programming

JetBrains Rolls Out Competitor For Objective C Development

Objective C Competitor for Xcode Unveiled

Apple’s Xcode software has largely ruled the realm in which Objective C programming has been a part of. JetBrains has now made available a preview of what is to come with the building of its AppCode IDE, which will provide a better experience in Objective C development. With the number of features that JetBrains’ products already use, any new upgrades or updates will only help to improve the quality of Objective C programming.

IT is equipped with an upgraded smart editor which includes code completion, watches, variables, expression evaluation, breakpoints, and a debugger. Other code analysis and fixer suggestions are available as well, making it ever more user friendly then its predecessor. As if the added upgrades weren’t enough, AppCode includes the creation and editing of Xcode’s earlier projects, an iOS simulator, and an Interface Builder integration support system.

While it is easy to appreciate that the Git, Subversion, and CVS integration are all included, developers are still working on future upgrades to improve it even more. The early preview and builds are a great indicator of what can be expected in the final result, and all bugs and stability issues will be resolved and eliminated completely.

JetBrains AppCode Offers New Features

JetBrains has listened intently to developers, leading to the development of the new Objective C programming software. As a further result, they created the Early Access Program. It allows for the developmental community to be a participant in discussions, and planning from the early stages and beyond. By doing this, they are pre testing the software so that the features can be evaluated for future releases. Some of the new key features being evaluated include:

  • Smart editor with code completion
  • Ability to run applications in an iOS Simulator or similar device
  • New debugger with variables, watches, and breakpoints
  • Refactorings for extract method and change signature
  • The opening and creating of Xcode projects
  • Interface Builder integration
  • A unit test runner ro the OC unit
  • An upgraded version of control systems integration
  • Speedy code analysis and fixer suggestions

Whether you are just starting out with Objective C programming or if you are an old pro, there is always something that can be learned from either a self taught topic or with the help of a developer. You can learn how to use the latest technologies in Xcode 4, and get a basic understanding the basic framework when it comes to building applications.

Understanding the extremely detailed process of preparing and submitting to the App Store can be a lengthy process when doing it on your own, but gaining that knowledge will allow for a new set of skills to be learned while putting those skills to practical use.

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