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PHP Programming

PHP Compiler – Encode Your Source Code

This is a pre-release of a program coming soon to help secure your PHP code. When used properly it should help protect your code from noobies and script kiddies.. more methods are coming soon to make decoding difficult for even the most saavy code thief.

What it does:
– Code jumbling (Obfuscation by code morphing)
– Code encoding (custom numeric method)

Coming Soon:
– Code encryption
– More code morphing…

This program does not rely on any 3rd party server plugin.. you just download the program, encode your php file, and upload it… even works on shared hosts!!!

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    1. Look kewl, I looked at PHP and Obfuscation before and without version control you can make some bad moves. Will this also aim to minify loading times such as css and javascript compressors or will it increase loading time?

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