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Daily Wallpaper – a top photo & video download for Nokia N9. Free until Christmas 2011

N9 is a wonderful Nokia device totally unlike the smarphones it was doing earlier. To the date it gathered a number of extremely positive reviews and is arguably the first phone able to compete the iPhone in the user experience area and in how beautiful it looks. It got a beautiful AMOLED screen that just begs to be used for pictures, new and interesting pictures. Yet finding great wallpapers and setting them manually is tedious. Well, no more. Meet Daily Wallpaper, one of the top downloads for N9 in the photos & videos category enoying several thousands downloads a month (quite a number for a device released just a month or two ago in a small number of markets).

Daily Wallpaper is a small app that every hour, every day, week or month gets to flickr, downloads a fresh photo from a group focused on gathering great wallpapers and sets it as a device wallpaper that you can see on the device lock screen. Certainly you can set choose the wallpaper yourself at any moment as well.

The app is evolving actively, new features and improvements get released sometimes once a week and while I am still working on the fresh features, I am keeping the app available for free until at least Christmas 2011, possibly longer. Later the app will become a paid one, but once you downloaded a free version, you should be able to get updates for free forever (that is if I’ve git the Nokia store rules correctly).


Have a look, give it a try and let me know which features you are missing the most. Go vote for your favorite features or submt a new idea to the Daily Wapaper’s uservoice portal.


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