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Agile Software Development

Looking for a new position. Consultant on mobile, mobile-web and cross-platform stuff. Agile project management too

Executive Summary

I am looking for a new position at the moment, if you know a company interested in the experienced engineer or project, please, refer them to this page

Few things worth highlighting:

– All things cross-platform, mobile, and mobile-web. Especially Qt/QML related

– I love developing software, but also practice managing projects and technical products. My last and first successfully shipped large product had an estimated business effect of some 100-500 MEur

– One of my private apps has 40K+ downloads and another one stays in the biz apps top sellers for months already. That is supposed to illustrate that even in small projects I know what mobile users actually love and I am able to focus on shipping just the relevant bits with the high quality

– Naturally all things agile, both soft and hard parts of it up to the point of organizing conferences and speaking on test-driven development in particular environments

Location doesn’t matter much as long as it is a European city large enough for an English-speaking life (for example, Helsinki, Paris, Berlin, Madrid)

Further links:

My resume (pdf)
My LinkedIn profile – please, feel absolutely free to ask for more information from anybody who recommended me there

Lyrics, details and some stats

History of this blog and my involvement in it

I started this blog one years ago while I was an engineer working for Finnish Nokia and learning my way into Agile and software quality. At first it was a place for my to learn better by sharing the experience.

Over the years the blog was changing. After the initial “solo blogger” period I changed the concept into a group blog and was trying to differentiate from the other blogs on Agile by gathering a real diverse set of authors. We were lucky to have a maker of an agile tool , some coaches , some developers, a manager and so forth. Many of them continue having a successful Agile-related public life with the most prominent case probably being Jurgen Appelo a trainer, popular blogger and author of the best selling Management 3.0 whose essays I was fortunate to publish a few years ago. At the high point we were getting something like 50K page views a month. While brining lots of fun running and editing such a website was, however, taking lots of time from my life.

Product management, Qt and startup experience

At some point I’ve got more involved into product management and later as you may have noticed into Qt-based cross-platform development. Agile became just one of the important tools I was using in the work life, even my public talks are nowadays more on, for example, test-driving QML rather than on soft topics such as facilitating the problem solving. Without the continuous editorial effort the external contributors started leaving the blog yet daily readership and surprisingly stay high. So when I found myself looking for a job now, I figured I could try using this blog as an ad platform. Especially since the exact work location doesn’t matter much to me.

Lately I was deeply involved in a Helsinki based startup caring after making the video calls so simple and easy to use that even grandma would use it for calling the grandchildren. Unfortunately as it happens with startups, sometimes you find yourself looking for a new position earlier than expected. I am in such a situation right now.

Looking for a new position now

There are three things I know how to do well:
– Product management for the technical products. Less about the marketing side, more about the listening to market side, playing a Product Owner and shipping things (global rollouts included).
– Agile Project management – pretty much a simplified version of the above
– Mobile, mobile-web and cross-platform software development, especially all things Qt

Ideally I am looking for not a huge project where you just have to combine the things above, but specializing in any of them is fine as well.
Location doesn’t really matter as long as the city is large enough for the English-speaking life. Say, Helsinki, Berlin or London would fit perfectly.

Some highlights about my ability to build and ship what customer really wants

My biggest achievements stay with the companies, but there are a few private things worth highlighting. I created a number of private apps for mobiles during the last year. One of them got over 40K downloads by now (and that’s pure Nokia N9 app while there are not many of N9’s sold in the world), another one stays on the business apps top seller page for several months already and is the first known to me case of a real application running Symbian, MeeGo and Android from the same source code.

So if you happen to know a company in a large European city (Helsinki, Berlin, Paris, whatever) that needs an experienced engineer who also knows how to manage projects and ship products, please, refer them to this page and/or forward my CV (pdf). The closer to mobile, mobile-web or cross-platformness, the better

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