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Business Analysis

Business Analysts: The Front Face of an Organization

Business Analysts are the people who interact with the clients directly and are the face of development team for clients. Being a Business Analyst is a job to communicate with the client where our actions and approaches directly affect the client’s decisions and perspective towards the company. It is the core responsibility of a Business Analyst to acquire client’s trust and confidence and that process will result in building trust with the organization.

Being a Business Analyst in not an easy job, but surely it is an exciting one. The most trickiest job for a Business Analyst is the starting of a project. Normally, when you meet your client for the first time, he tells you about his business problems and issues that he faces and what he wants you to solve. It is the time to do the best and make a perfect impression on the client.

But the question is, what is really meant by making a perfect impression and how do you achieve that?

Start by doing a bit of research before you meet your client. As it is now your job to understand your client’s Business Requirements and perform proper documentation, it is absolutely essential for you to understand the requirements. That is only possible when you understand your client’s business. Therefore spending some time to understand the business of your client is a must.

Tips To Understand Your Client at First Meeting

  • If you are working in a big organization, it is possible that some people in your organization might have worked with the same client before. Talk to these people and try to understand the type of person your client is.
  • Make sure that you are knee deep in your organization’s knowledge base. You should know each and every service that your organization provides, how long a particular product takes, all your organization’s past and current projects and any other knowledge that you can gather.
  • If it is a new client and you do not have enough data, start making use of the internet. That will definitely get you somewhere.
  • The most vital is to have complete knowledge about the past communication that has already been done between your client and organization. Look for any documentation that was exchanged or any call records that were made. Usually you get some RFXs which are enough for starting a research on the client.
  • You should also have extensive knowledge about your market and your client’s market. How your client works with his own clients. This will show your client that you have done a thorough research and he will have to spend less time in explaining his business and requirements to you. And in return you will be able to gain client’s confidence and trust. This will prove that you are an informed BA and your suggestions and solution to Business Requirement inconsistencies will be highly notified.

These activities will not only improve your understanding about the client but will also help you in doing better work. It will guide you to construct prescience about the direction in which your client’s business is proceeding and where your team’s developed system is going to work.

Not only the client but the development team also trusts the Business Analyst. Therefore, you should never ask your team to figure out solutions of problems and should be open to any suggestions.

Tips To Understand Your Developers

  • Regularly keep interacting with your developers and ask them about any problems faced. If you over do it, they might get a feeling that you are judging their skills. Therefore, keep it simple, so they understand that you are always present to clarify any requirement related to problems.
  • Make sure that your developers understand the requirement before they start working on it. Make it look like an informal discussion so developers do not feel like you are bragging and do not get uncomfortable, you know about the client and requirements and it is your job to deliver.
  • Do not try anything you are not comfortable with. These things really help in fostering good communication with clients and developers which results in delivering quality work.
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