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The Tech Job Market and Skills for 2014

With virtualization and cloud computing in full bloom, the demand for IT techs has increased manifold. It is no more a decision about whether an enterprise should adapt cloud computing. It is just a matter of time now. Sooner rather than later, all organizations, big and small will be migrating to the cloud for better efficiency and effectiveness of their businesses. With such a trend in foreseen future, the techs have to polish their skills, according to the upcoming demands. Here is what we think tech recruiters and IT executives ought to be looking for this year.

Multi-Industrial Skills

The technological sector is so seamlessly integrated in all industries that a tech professional with only skills limited to his or her sector is useless. The professionals need to have the knowledge of all industries they are meant to work for, in order to be able to work effectively. They need to understand the demands of the users at the core to be able to code technologies for their use.

No SQL Skills for the Big Data Explosion

With the increasing use of smart phones and the social media culture operative at all levels, there is a huge amount of data all over the internet. Moreover, with time, organizations are starting to realize the value of this data. They are just beginning to be able to use this data to better understand their customers, gain business intelligence and use it to achieve a competitive edge. To be able to collect, organize and make sense of the humungous volume of data, IT techs will need to possess NoSQL skills and be able to produce tools like Hadoop and use them for data mining and data analysis.

UX Skills

All aspects of business, be it any sector, are focusing highly on the betterment of user experience for success. Be it a product or a service delivery, the main aim is to make the user satisfied. In the case of the technological sector too, professionals are seeking training for the same. The techs need to know how the users interact with applications and how they expect them to give them results with minimal efforts and the least amount of time. Recruiters are therefore, looking for UX engineers or techs with high level of UX knowledge and skills.

Mobile Responsive Design Skills

The past decade has seen an alarmingly increasing rate of mobile usage by all ages of people. The boundaries between the real world and virtual worlds have literally vanished. The belief that the internet has turned the world into a global village is a fact now. With this trend, all online businesses need to adapt responsive designs for their websites. This will increase the demand for mobile developers. The year will witness a huge number of mobile computing jobs with the increasing usage of smart devices.

The Java Skills Set

The JavaScript skill set is going to be one of the most sought after skills by IT head hunters this year. The professionals need not only be familiar but experts in the Java based frameworks. Other front-end languages like Python, Ruby and HTML are important, but the JavaScript engineers will be most in demand. HTML5 programming is said to be the second in demand after Java.

The CIS Degree and the Top Computer Languages

One degree that almost all IT recruiters are looking for in the tech professionals is the CIS degree. This does not mean that other IT degrees are not valued. Whatever degree the tech professional has, his or her focus should be on cloud computing, virtualization, data mining and analysis, network security and application development.

The top computer languages that all techies need to be fluent in are JavaScript, HTML5, Android, Apple OS, SQL, C# and Python. Again, this list is not exhaustive. These are just the few languages that have been rated as the requirements for top job vacancies. A good tech professional ought to have as many languages fluency as possible in his skills set.

Things are looking amazingly positive for the technological industry. This, in turn, means the availability of numerous job opportunities for the tech experts. With more and more organizations embracing cloud computing, using data from across the internet for business intelligence and requiring high level of IT security, the headhunters are out looking for the best of the best techs. A good tech professional would be one who has a varied skill set, who has the basic know-how of all industries he is expected to work in, who is willing to think outside the box and take up innovative computing to another level altogether.

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