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10 Ways to Tighten Security on Your Android Device

Smart phones are invented to define us by acting as the portals to our online identity and should be protected against any wrongdoings online. Losing your smart phone can cost you much more than just the loss of contacts. Your social media accounts, important documents, emails, messages and photos are also a huge addition to the loss. All your information can be traced easily and can be shared online if dealt with carelessness.

In the virtual world, it is impossible to trace thieves. There is no one else who can protect your valuable data than you.

Following are some useful tips to help you in pursuing better android security:

Do Not Save Your Passwords

Never save passwords to online services and other payment applications on your devices. Once you are done with your work, make sure that you sign out to avoid any future misuse.

Use Android In-Built Security

There are various screen locks available that you can choose like password, pin, pattern unlock in your android settings. When you are setting pins or pattern lock, make sure that it is a complex combination and cannot be reached easily by the hackers.

Lock Your Applications

It is important to lock your applications, especially those holding personal information that you wish to keep anonymous. This is basically a second level security layer to prevent anyone from the use of your lost device, specifically if they have successfully bypassed your Android lock.

You can choose any free application like App Lock for this reason. The idea is to lock only the data laden application like file apps or email applications on your device.

The Significance of App Permissions

Before you start installing any application from Google Play, requested permission list will pop up showing the permission required by the application. Applications need permissions for doing things but not all of them are important.

Always go through the permission details to ensure that they correspond to what an application does actually. For example, an alarm app does not require any permission to reach your text messages. This is very important since all apps are not safe at the Play Store.

It is vital to go through the ratings and comments before downloads. This will help you in understanding the app functions without trying it.

Securing Your Network

Network security is very vital. Avoid using public Wi-Fi whenever doing something sensitive like online banking. As long as you are on the same network as others, they can easily steal your packets and translate into actual data.

You can protect your information through apps that help sending encrypted information, making it difficult to sabotage your data. Wi-Fi protector can also assist you in fending off these attackers.

Use Mobile Security App

Use mobile security app to handle the security issues in your smart phone.

Create Multiple User Account To Guard Privacy

If you have an Android tablet and you share it with spouse or siblings, having multiple user accounts will enable you to protect privacy. This option is available under the Settings — Users section.

Prepare Your Data Backup

It is important to have data backup to restore your device back to its original state if you manage to lose it.

Track Your Lost Device

Android devices are built to be traceable through GPS. You have to enable GPS to get it tracked. There are various device tracking applications for Android offering help in locating your lost device and help turn on GPS remotely.

Enable Remote Wash

If you have installed everything, the last feature you may need is the ability to wipe your data remotely. You can ensure this by using apps like 3CX Mobile Device manager. This is significant specifically when you are sure that you have lost your Android forever.

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