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Top Benefits of IP Telephony

IP telephony is reshaping the organizations and revolutionizing the ways in which business organizations communicate. IP telephony provides a modern way of communication including video, audio wire and wireless communication by the use of Internet protocol network.

So in other words, IP telephony is a collective term given for technology that uses packet switched connections of IP for exchanging voice, fax and other type of information which was done before via PSTN (public switch telephone network).

IP telephony has become an inseparable segment of challenging and fast growing businesses environment of today. Nowadays, organizations are increasingly relying on IP telephony, replacing inflexible and costly traditional PBX phone systems. Internet Protocol telephony (IP) uses digital data packet for delivering fax, voice and other types of communicational messages over the internet that eliminate the need for different networks for data and voice. Some of the main benefits of IP telephony are:

• It focuses on specified business functions
• It reduces the intra site expenses
• Automates the regular administrative functions
• It reduces network as well as administration costs
• It eliminate the risks that are linked with vendor lock-in
• Existing resources are effectively optimized
• Integrates applications
• Improved efficiency of IT resources
• Easy administration linked with telecommunication infrastructure
• Guaranteed Service delivery
• Enhanced Operational efficiency
• Effectively bringing remote and mobile employees together
• Added Innovative features such as hardware
• Mobility has been increased, (workers are not tied up with their phones in the office. They can easily communicate from any place)
• Provides virtual workforce benefits: (IP telephony has enabled business desk and other call centers to operate without any physical boundary)
• Your email messages, fax and voicemail are effectively and efficiently managed with this technology
• It provides safe and secure IPT environment in most cases
• This system helps in future growth of the business


Mobile workers need to get connected on a converged network; IP telephony provides both innovative and tailored solutions for the purpose of your communication. It provides high degree of survivability and scalability, multi site connection by the use of data network, unified box, Web Sphere portal, web conferencing integration and complicated calling features.

Enhanced Productivity

This technology offers performance benefits as it maintains a separate network for video, voice and data. The main benefit of IP telephony is its improved productivity. For instance, IP SoftPhone which is application based software allows the phone users to incorporate their phone performance into their computer.

Improved Business Resilience

Business resilience has greatly enhanced with IP telephony as its solutions are designed in such a way that they can be used in automatic redirection of voice, data and video traffic failures.

Save your costs

Another significant benefit of IP telephony system is that it saves your costs. Since IP telephony system is capable of converging data networks and voice into a single unified network, the entire management system is updated from a single location that results in decreased costs for ads, changes and moves.


IP telephony has a software-oriented nature that makes it scalable. Hence, it integrates other applications and services. You do not need a new line to add a new call to the existing system of IP telephony when you could directly incorporate it in the system within the same infrastructure.

Accessing Centralized Applications

IP telephony provides mobile access for distributed enterprises for advancing communication applications, which include call center, call management and messaging. These kinds of applications eliminate the need of key systems and stand-alone PBX for small distant office locations, and provide many other important benefits for mobile workers, such as:

• Dial plans are uniformed which provide consolidated user directory and enterprise-wide dialing extension

• Enterprise-wide internal voice conferencing

• Uniformed and unified Access to messaging and voice

• Enhanced Communications and advanced call features

• The communications at call centers could be observed and managed centrally as well as extended to agents working at home or any other place.

• Travelling workers can take part in conference calls, have access to their messages and can also work with their group members just as in office.

Customer responsiveness improved

Customer response could be improved with the use of this technology, because IP telephony provides options for business organizations to effectively communicate with their clients.

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    Sadaf Ajmal