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The 2014 Cloud Computing Forecast

Cloud computing has taken over the world by a storm. Each sector has been experimenting and adopting the cloud technology to make improvements. It is no more a question of whether any sector will use the technology or not. It is just the matter of deciding which cloud technology to deploy and how to integrate it with existing systems. The year 2014 will see more adaptations of the cloud technology and it will be a major part of technological expenditures. Here is what some experts predict for this year of cloud computing:

Equal Software Access for All Companies

There was a time when only established companies, with sufficient finances, could have the infrastructure and expertise needed to set up a cloud system for their businesses. This will not be the case anymore. All companies, big and small, will have access to all softwares. With the use of some game changing softwares, small companies will be able to compete with larger companies in the field of niche application market.

A Better Understanding of Cloud Deployment

As the users move towards the world of cloud, they will need to better understand how cloud deployment works. Users will analyze their requirements and then decide which out of the three clouds will suit those best, the private cloud, the public cloud or the hybrid cloud. Moreover, these users will be from the human resources and marketing departments and not from the information technology department. They will be the ones setting the requirements and will have an equal say in the purchasing of the relevant technology.

Cloud Based Applications for Multi Cloud Environments

With cloud computing in full swing, the demand for softwares will increase manifold. Instead of being handed down softwares to use, users will be demanding softwares for their daily tasks. Moreover, these cloud-based applications will have to be created such that they can work in multi-cloud environments. Despite the need for softwares to work in multi-cloud environments, the providers for public clouds will be much more in demand.

With complex cloud systems in action, there will be a need for cloud management platforms and cloud performance management technology too. Cloud systems cost a whole lot for deployment and implementation. It will be necessary to achieve value for the money spent and therefore, cloud management technologies will be in high demand to monitor and administer performance.

A part of these technologies will be the cloud financial systems. These will help monitor, control and allot costs based on use-base accounting and financial predictions. 2014 is going to be a year of some serious cloud computing; we will be literally living in the cloud and therefore, all necessary applications and softwares will need to support each aspect.

More Industries Migrating To Cloud Computing

Many mainstream industries have moved to cloud computing in the past year with a scope for more to migrate this year. Industries, having huge amounts of transactions to perform daily, have a lot to benefit from the cloud. These industries include banking, retail and logistics. These sectors need to manage and increase their work capacity on demand and that too quickly. For these industries, where there are a number of dealings going on at any moment and time is money, cloud computing is the only way to go in future.

The Era of Developers

With cloud computing in such high demand with such a variety of uses, there are not enough developers around to cater to everyone’s needs. There are so many platforms to work on and so many specific codes to write. If the number of developers continues to remain static, the salaries and statuses for these will rise very high. Moreover, not only will there be a need for more developers but a dire need for advanced training will also be necessary. The developers will have to be trained so that they develop a skills set that helps them think outside the box and help the further advancement and development of cloud computing.

The world has seen consumer technology evolve from the basics to the complete adoption of the virtual world. The year 2014 will see the same revolution for the enterprises. The level of innovation and adoption of technology will set the success and growth levels for the industries. How and at what pace do organizations meet consumer demands, with the help of the cloud, is the key to sustainable developments and triumph, in the present year and others to come.

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    Sadaf Ajmal