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Complete the Installation of OS X Lion with the Use of Linux

With the newest version of Linux being released, creating OS X apps has never been easier and with the new Linux programming tools, downloading OS X Lion is a worthwhile download as a powerful developmental tool. The download only takes minutes and will provide a much more user friendly interface.

Some of the key features included with Linux programming for OS X Lion include:

  • Interface builder support for auto layout
  • Full screen support in project, organizer, and workspace windows
  • Customized behaviors that can be assigned to unique key bindings
  • Project modernization that can identify out of date build settings and resolve them
  • Source control enhancements for management of remote servers
  • Assistant editor support
  • Additional bug fixes and greater improvements in stability

New Features that OS X Lion has to Offer

More than 250 new features are being enjoyed by users but there are a few that stand out among the rest. While some of them are larger, more known upgrades, some are smaller but offer a lot in return. Here are some of the new and updated features that are being offered:

  • Mission Control – This is a practical way to see every application running, as well as all Spaces available. It creates a complete control center for Spaces and provides a great way to work on a small screen like the MacBook has.
  • Safari Gesture Navigation – Safari is faster and safer than ever before and new features like navigating forwards and backwards through web history without using a backspace key eliminates the use of pressing unnecessary buttons.
  • Group as a Folder – This allows for great timesaving by creating one folder to hold all selections when picked from from the contextual menu.
  • Preview – The new interface for this feature is much cleaner and more logical then previous versions. The coolest feature that Preview offers is the ability to import writing on a piece of paper, such as a signature, into a PDF by holding it up to a webcam and letting it take a snapshot.
  • Quicktime Video Rotation – With new editing features true full screen implementation, business can still be conducted while a video is playing on the screen. There is also a new upgrade that allows to throw a video that is accidentally shot on an iPhone in the wrong direction. The video can then be flipped around for an easy upload on YouTube.
  • Drag and Drop Downloads – This is great for viewing the progress of downloads without having to look away from the browser. With the new upgrade, it is also much easier to drag and drop a file off of the list and into a folder anywhere in the system.

Linux programming combined with OS X Lion has afforded many great upgrades and resources that can be used to create a much more user friendly and efficient work environment or for personal use. Implement the two today and enjoy the many opportunities they have to offer.

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