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How to Develop an iPad Game

The iPad is currently a major hit with gamers, the top 20 applications downloaded over 60% are games. Becoming an iPad game developer could be a start to a successful career, however you need to ensure you have the following to succeed.

  • Buy a Mac: Apple’s development technology only runs on their Laptops/Desktop computers, so investment is required. You’ll need one with an Intel-based processor, running the Leopard version of MacOS X
  • Download the SDK – (Software Development Kit): This will include everything you need to develop your application
  • Learn the language: there are 3 programming languages suitable for developing iPad games, including Objective C, Cocoa, or OpenGL
  • Sign up as an official developer: to sell your game you will need to sign up to the Apple Developer Program which currently costs $99.

Once this is done you are now ready to build your game, there is no golden rule to developing a successful game, however following these tips will help:

  • Keep it simple: if this is your first game for the iPad then always keep it simple. Many of the top successful games follow this rule and offer playability over high end graphics
  • Prepare: try to plan as much of the content and back story for the game on paper and get others to read or review it before you spend time coding.
  • Test: use the functions with the SDK to test the functionality and code, always make sure everything is complete before submitting to Apple for approving.
  • Don’t stop: once it goes live, don’t finish developing, talk to your customers and get their feedback so you can release updates and develop the game

Hopefully by now you will have some starting points to begin developing iPad games and i am sure you have your own views on what will work. But always remember to talk to your users and get their feedback, to help you develop the next game.

As a game reviewer Andrew has over 2 years experience in playing, building and reviewing iPhone and ipad games.

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