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Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 Paves the Way in Hosting

Web hosting is easier than ever with AmazonEC2

Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) has changed the face of what is offered in web hosting. It has brought a new face to technology and has helped to eliminate the loss of file system states and settings. One company has achieved spectacular results by switching to AmazonEC2’s platform. When switching over, Rajiv Pant said there were many noticable differences that were immediately identified as being more beneficial to operational procedures.

What AmazonEC2 has done to help businesses

AmazonEC2 offered Pant persistent storage to offset the potential of server shutdowns. His business has been able to implement a better back up and recovery system, allowing installed software running on Amazon Machine Image to be updated with new security patches as they are released.

Some of the other benefits that AmazonEC2 has offered Pant are:

  • Self service hosting management – Essentially, they were able to immediately provision any additional services themselves. As opposed to other traditional hosting services, they did not have to contact customer support and have the down time that comes with waiting for them to set up the servers.  Once Amazon EC2 was installed, they were able to set up the service themselves.
  • Increase or decrease capacities in minutes – Pant was able to commission hundreds of server instances all at once due to the fact that it was all controlled by web service APIs. This allowed them to be able to automatically scale applications up and down in accordance with its needs.
  • Hourly metered billing afforded flexibility with Amazon EC2 – Pant was able to offset seasonal website traffic by using EC2’s business model to pay for what they used by the hour, which resulted in saving costs while offering the convenience of not having to pay for slow or down time with traffic to their site.
  • No cost for services that are not running –  By allowing for their servers to be turned off when not in use, Pant was able to save even more. The thing that had to be kept up on cost was disk storage, which is relatively inexpensive.
  • Allowed use of GNU/Linux operating systems – Pant was able to reap the many benefits from the user friendly and easy to install software from Linux. This also helped with making upgrades easier and faster, allowing less time to be dedicated to maintaining the system, while still retaining the power and flexibility that other systems could not withstand without the use of theses operational procedures.
  • Lower cost ownership than other providers – While shared hosting may still be cheaper, the requirements needed to meet the site demands are extinct. AmazonEC2 offers the ability to save on hosting costs while exceeding the supply and demand needed to operate today’s website.

Pant understood what AmazonEC2 could do to help with overall improvement and more efficient operating, therefore allowing the thriving of the business to meet today’s high demands no matter what is thrown their way.

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