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Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 is Making Waves with New Partnerships

AmazonEC2 offers up new implementations for Oracle Apps

Amazon has bought a new fleet of major services that are certified by Oracle. There are various renditions of the customer relations management programs, including the enterprise resource planning software. Along with this is the rollout of Oracle’s E-Business Suite.

The decision to make the move to do this will provide significantly more accessible software for small and mid sized businesses. This is in recent light of AmazonEC2 tearing down previous barriers that blocked cloud adoption for businesses that were smaller. Now, businesses can use either the import service as a contingency plan to backup their existing virtual infrastructure, or they can transition directly to the cloud with minimal difficult and reconfiguration.

With customers now being able to use existing Oracle licenses with their AmazonEC2 instances, they can give their IT managers the choice to go with local or cloud installations without any added costs. And with no additional payment for support, Oracle’s customers can get the help they need for nothing more.

There are multiple benefits of using Oracle’s PeopleSoft on AmazonEC2 as well. When setting up new systems, installation and hardware are now cost free and instantaneous. Deployment is accessible from anywhere in the world and with extremely high reliability, with the costs of future maintenance being greatly reduces as well.

With AmazonEC2’s new offerings for Oracle Apps, there is a big difference in service and support options for businesses.

AmazonEC2 extends its cloud platform to Europe

European customers can now benefit form lower latency by pushing their applications towards Amazon’s Simple Service Storage. And the AmazonEC2 platform for the pay as you go scale application is now available to Europe as well. Prices will be slightly higher overseas for right now, but the charges for data transfer will be the same throughout the world, according to Amazon.

With the soon to be added support for European Microsoft Windows Server, Amazon has reached across the ocean to provide the same high level of service that they do here. Amazon will also help developers to comply with the European regulations which may require slightly different storage and processing to be done in Europe. There have also been availability zones put into place to help applications tolerate numerous failure scenarios.

In a recent blog, Amazon noted that there is very little tied to the US EC2 and the European EC2 expansion. The reason for that is based on availability. The only thing the two installations share are the account credentials, making them stand alone on their own merits in the event that if one system crashes, then the other will be completely unaffected.

As Amazon expands its EC2 business throughout the world, the future looks bright and with the addition of the European platform, they are well on their way to global supremacy.

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