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Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 makes transformation from traditional hosting to Cloud easier

With the increasing adoption in Cloud Computing, complexities that once came with the migration of web applications from one data center to another have now been eliminated. The application has created a virtual checklist with the goal in mind being that known tasks get covered, allowing you to spend more time on unexpected issues that arise.

WIth the help of AmazonEC2, project managers and engineers can adapt the transformational changes to coincide with their current operations.
While making the migration of hosting, there are a few steps that will help to make the switch more efficient. AmazonEC2 offers the following checklist of items to be covered during the transformation to allow for a smoother project.

Pre-cutover migration checklist

These are things that can be done before you begin to make the migration:

  • Set up any communications or collaborations – This involves the setting up of all email lists, and blogs, while making sure that all third party vendors are on board and ready to go.
  • Communicate before you begin – Make everyone involved informed of what is going to take place during the migration and address any technical concerns in the case of disruptions in the form of publishing freezes. This will allows everyone to know what steps to take if some part of the system goes down during transformation.
  • If required, design maintenance message pages to communicate if the system goes down.
  • Set up transition DNS entries to be used during the switch.
  • Set up any redirects you feel may be needed.
  • Make the appropriate CDN configuration changes.
  • Check that all internal and external monitoring is in place and updated.

In doing the pre-cutover checklist, you are eliminating the hassle of losing data, and other important communication tools as a result of a system crash that is out of your control. There should also be a clear cut line of communication during the migration process to help ensure that operational procedures are being maintained on both ends of the spectrum.
When migration is finally complete and AmazonEC2 is up and running, they recommend a series of steps to put all final touches in place.

Post cutover migration checklist

  • Clean up and remove temporary redirects that are not needed.
  • Make sure that all old hosting traffic to the website is non-existent
  • Ensure that new traffic numbers are consistent with numbers from the old hosting provider. This will show you that site traffic is being driven properly.
  • Check the monitoring of internal and external systems
  • Increase the DNS TTL settings back to where they normally were
  • Archive all data that is required from the old environment and move it into long term storage.
  • Completely decommission the old hosting environment
  • Communicate any issues that may need to be addressed to ensure that system is operating at optimum efficiency.

AmazonEC2 has made migration easier and more affordable than ever before. With so many benefits and advantages, it is not only a wise decision to switch, but a safe one.

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