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Amazon EC2

Very Basic Amazon EC2 Troubleshooting

Never hurts to strat with the very basics…

AmazonEC2, short for Elastic Compute Cloud, is a recent development for Amazon, which allows users to upload data directly to the online storage service, and then access the data with any other computer, at any given time. This “cloud” storage method is exceptionally helpful for individuals looking to save space on his or her hard drive.

There is a service fee attached to this product, but if the user needs to access data between different systems not connected to a single network, this is the best option available. While using the equipment the user may experience a few problems with the service. When this occurs it is extremely important to know how to troubleshoot and correct the situation. Users likely don’t want to pay for a monthly service when it doesn’t function correctly.

When an issue arises with AmazonEC2, the user must reset the connection to the cloud service. This is the main problem that occurs with the networking system. When a computer is unable to connect to the cloud, it is not going to receive the desired information. So to start, the user must power down the computer or other device used to access the Amazon service. They must leave the hardware off for a few minutes, then power it back on. This resets many of the Internet connection settings, allowing the equipment to reconnect to the Amazon service. 

Once the hardware is back on, the user needs to connect to the Internet. Once the Internet browser is open and the home page loads, he knows the equipment is correctly connecting to the Internet. With this in place, he must actively log onto his Amazon account. Once Amazon is able to process the log in username and password, the AmazonEC2 network is accessed. This gives him direct access to all his cloud flies and other information currently uploaded. With access to the data, the user can now decide to upload additional files, or download and stream the content directly to the computer or mobile device he is using.

There is no limit to the number of computers used to access AmazonEC2, and any operating system is suitable for the service (both Windows and Mac). However, if problems continue with the Amazon network, users need to make sure only one device is currently connected to the Amazon site. When multiple computers or mobile products attempt to connect at the same time, Amazon occasionally locks the user out, as it sees the same log in used several times at the same time. This is viewed as a possible hack to the user’s network, so to protect users, Amazon prevents individuals from accessing the cloud service.

Once all computers and mobile hardware has finished logging off of Amazon, the user should now able to log back in using a single computer to the cloud service. Once the desired programming tasks have been completed, it’s extremely important to log back off, otherwise the blocked out process may occur the next time he logs into the Amazon cloud.

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