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FreePascal integration for Linux programming Now Available

FreePascal is a free and portable open source compiler for Pascal templates that can support a number of dialects.With all of the new features the Pascal application has to offer, integrating it with Linux programming is now faster and easier than ever. WIth all new features including the capability to distribute source code building over multiple computers, Linux and Pascal are the perfect combination for any business or personal computing.

The Pascal template allows for the set up of more sophisticated projects and will place all specifications and templates in the correct places while automatically patching a copy of Apples Universal PInterfaces. Once installed, all of the templates from the integration package will be listed in an easily accessible category named Free Pascal.

Updates to FreePascal

Along with the Linux programming integration package comes a variety of new upgrades and updates that are more user friendly and provide greater efficiency. Many improvements to the XML and database units are just a few of the updates available to the Pascal template. One of the newest upgrades is to the CHM units; a new FreePascal compiler (FPC), that can generate byte code for Java Virtual Machine, is now available. This allows for the code generator to both work and better support the majority of Pascal language constructs. 

By trying to implement new upgrades with as few differences as possible from the previous versions, FreePascal is trying to keep the simplicity of user interaction as it has been in the past.
Some of the other updates include:

  • Sealed and abstract class modifiers and new target support
  • Compiler bugfixes
  • Long term bug implementation in OS/2
  • 64 bit FreeBSD
  • Fixes for multi threading support for OS/2 RTL
  • Improvements to fpmake and fppkg
  • Dwarf debug improvements for information
  • Haiku
  • iPhone for Mac OS X/Arm
  • Resources similar to Delphi for all platforms
  • Improvements and fixes for databases, including XML
  • Improved ARM EABI support
  • Completely upgraded program optimization

The Future of Free Pascal and Linux Programming

There are lots of major improvements and other implementations that are being planned for the future. Some of the plans include the finishing of migration to Watcom tools, adding support for DLL creation, and the finishing of the SOM compiler Pascal emitter.

Pascal is helping to remove the things that we worry about while not removing any of the freedom that comes with using it. It offers a number of ways to build better software and is a powerful tool when it comes to guarding the integrity of interfaces and other various objects.

There are plenty of positive aspects when it comes to making the integration between Pascal and Linux. With the already completed updates, and the ones that are planned for the future, the time to make the change is now.

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