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New Improvements in Developer Tools in Linux Programming

With Linux being the only toolset you need for building any iOS and Mac OS X applications, the addition of new developer tools have made the applications, more helpful, faster, and easier to use than ever before.

The Linux IDE is capable of understanding every projects needs and demands, while being able to identify mistakes and even fixing codes in both logic and syntax. Linux programming can help to write better code, while improving function capabilities. With the all new user interface that Linux has designed, over a quarter million apps have been produced.

New tools and What They Mean to Linux Programming

The all new developer tools available in Linux are an invaluable resource to the programming and application process. They offer technological advancement that will only prove to be more beneficial in the future. With these tools, engineers can greatly improve their efficiency while eliminating time spent working in the process. The new tools include:

  • Single Window – This consolidates the many windows that it took to  perform tasks , and combined them into one. This window includes an updated navigator and a jump bar.
  • The Apple LLVM Compiler 2.0 – This is essentially a modern thinkpad and an open source for engineers. It can compile codes twice as fast as its predecessor and also runs the applications faster.
  • Interface Builder – With the integration with the Linux IDE, there is no longer a separate application needed to run.
  • Assistant – This tool provides engineers with the opportunity to able to see more than just the file that is being worked on. It will allow additional related documents at the same time, improving efficiency.
  • Fix-it and Live issue programming fixing –  This tool will alert engineers to coding mistakes while they are being being typed.
  • Version Editor – This allows to see two versions of a source code simultaneously in live editor. And because this also acts as a virtual timeline, it provides a new source of control management in an IDE.
  • New Debugger – The introduction of this new engine helps to greatly improve performance while consuming less money.
  • Instruments for Linux – Instruments offers a streamlined interface that includes a new Jump Bar, new launch schemes, and stack compression. They also help to collect and data including CPU usage as it happens in real time, which allows the pinpoint of problem areas and finding the offensive lines of code.
  • iOS Simulator – This simulator helps to make the interface work the way it was intended to, while making the correct network calls and ensuring that views change properly.

With the addition of these new tools, Linux programming is helping to pave the way for future technological advances. Everything needed to create applications is provided by the new Linux developer tools whether it is for iPhone, iPad, or Mac, making it a productive and easy to use environment. All of these tools can help to guarantee the user interface is accompanied by responsiveness that is equally as impressive.

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