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NAV 2009 Tips and Tricks: Create Notifications from Task Pages

You can create notifications from task pages such as customer cards or sales orders. You can use notifications as reminders, or as a way to send information to other NAV users in your company.

A notification is displayed on the recipient’s Role Center. By clicking the notification, the recipeint opens the associated task page.

1. To create a notification, open the task page from which you want to send a notification. For example, open a customer card, sales order, or other task page.

2. In the FactBox area, scroll down to the Notes part.

3. In the Notes part, click to create a new note.

4. In the Enter a new note here text box, type a note.

5. Select a recipient.

6. Select Notify.

7. Click Save.

The notification is saved on the task page.


The notification is also relayed to the recipient and is displayed on his/her Role Center under My Notifications.

For more information about usability and the RoleTailored client, see the blog post Useful, Usable, and Desirable.

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