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10 Ways to Tighten Security on Your Android Device

Smart phones are invented to define us by acting as the portals to our online identity and should be protected against any wrongdoings online. Losing your smart phone can cost you much more than just the loss of contacts. Your social media accounts, important documents, emails, messages and photos are also a huge addition to […]

Top Benefits of IP Telephony

IP telephony is reshaping the organizations and revolutionizing the ways in which business organizations communicate. IP telephony provides a modern way of communication including video, audio wire and wireless communication by the use of Internet protocol network. So in other words, IP telephony is a collective term given for technology that uses packet switched connections […]

Daily wallpaper 1.1 for Nokia N9. Knows how to cut and rotate

Direct Nokia Store link –

I’ve released the free Daily Wallpaper for Nokia N9 a couple of months ago. Since that time it enjoyed nearly nine thousands of downloads (quite a number for this platform) and was keeping me personally entertained. Once an hour (or once a day or once a month) it is downloading the fresh cool wallpaper from flickr and every time I unlock the phone I can enjoy a new interesting photo.


Since the moment of release, the most popular request (sometimes even causing the low rating in the Nokia Store) was not to rotate the too wide images, but to cut the central part out of it. I do love the rotation, but my opinion is totally irrelevant compared to the customers. So since yesterday, version 1.1 knows how to do both rotation and cutting. Cutting is the default mode. Enjoy and, please, submit more requests or vote on the existing ones.


Winter holidays: 50% discount on Easy Discount Calculator for Nokia N9 and Symbian phones

For those too busy to read the whole post: from now and until the end of winter you can get Easy Discount Calculator for Symbian and Nokia N9 for 50% cheaper (1 euro in most of the countries) from Nokia Store at

I am a big fan of small utilities tuned for the very concrete purpose. And I don’t enjoy messing with the lots of discount calculations. You know, when one headset for my phone was 49 euro and now it it is 33% cheaper, but then there is the other one that used to be 69 euro and now it is 40% cheaper. How much do they actually cost?

Simple, elegant, slick, fast!


That was exactly the reason a group of friends (Artem Marchenko, Jarmo Parkkinen, Tuukka Lindoos and Ekaterina Kuts) decided to solve and created Easy Discount Calculator, the first ever real app that runs on Symbian devices, MeeGo Harmattan devices (Nokia N9) and Android devices from the same source code. OK, Android support was a bit of an experiment, so on some phones it works flawlessly, on others it doesn’t, so we offer it for free.


Top ranked and top rated after a couple of months in sales

Top seller position


From the sales start in September, this Discount Calculator was steadily climbing up the best seller list and is right now is the top rated and second top seller business app for Nokia N9 and just below the top page of Symbian business apps top seller list. So we figured if people like the clean UX and find the app useful, why don’t we give it out cheaper for after-Christmas sales and maybe we manage to climb to the very top seller position for the business apps.

Winter discounts! Get it for just one euro or even cheaper


So from now and until the end of February 2012, Easy Discount Calculator is available for the cheapest possible price for Symbian phones and Nokia N9! That is 50% reduction of what it used to cost. Exact price is determined by Nokia store, I believe for most of the European and American countries it should be around 1 euro or 1 dollar.

You can get the Symbian and N9 versions from Nokia Store at and Android beta is available for free at

If you happen to have a minute for comments, we would also love to reply to your comments and proposals at our support web-site


The Importance Of Objective C in iPhone and IDE Applications

iPhone Application Development Apple has been able to spread its wings when it comes to sharing real time data via wireless solutions. This has opened up new doors in communications and mobile application development platforms. This marketing genius has been able to create high level web apps with the help of iPhone, Cocoa, and of […]

How the iPhone can use Linux Programming to Improve its Presence

With the massive improvements in features from previous Linux versions, there are a lot of time savers, tips, tricks, and other resources that are available to its users, including new implementations for the iPhone. There has been a vast collection of tutorials, links, and how to resources accumulated in the effort to help get the most […]

The Death of the Smartphone

Smartphones and tablets might be the current hot technology, but history says it’s all just another fad. Twenty years from now, almost nobody will own either device. Seems unbelievable, but the same technology that makes them hot today will make them not tomorrow. Consider what happened to another "must-have" technology: the fax machine.

HP’s Tablet Failure: Big Fun for FOSS Fanatics

There may be life yet for the seemingly defunct HP TouchPad. The company has discontinued its development of all webOS devices, leading retailers to drastically mark down prices on the TouchPads they have in stock. Some buyers have been able to score one for as little as $100 — that’s $400 off the initial asking price when the device entered the market a couple of months ago.

Will Google Build an Uber Android?

The initial response to Google’s surprise announcement on Monday that it had inked a deal to acquire Motorola Mobility for US$12.5 billion was that it was a move largely to protect itself from the increasing patent attacks against Android. That could be why all five major manufacturers of Android devices appear to be thrilled with the deal. Should they be?

Froyo, Gingerbread Get Full Frontal Flash

Adobe announced Monday that its Flash Player 10.2 update is now available on Android Market. The update’s a production release for Android 2.2 and 2.3 but an initial beta release for Android 3.0.1. That news may impact the Motorola Xoom, as it runs Android 3.0 aka "Honeycomb." Android 3.0.1 is Honeycomb with the latest Google updates.

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